Endowment funds are the lifeblood of any institute of higher learning.  An endowment is an amount of money (fund) that is given to the University with a stipulation that the funds are invested to earn annual interest rather than spent immediately.

Setting up an endowment...

An endowment fund is invested perpetually to provide:

  • Annual earnings for student scholarships
  • Funding for a specific program or project

Gifts designated by the donor to an endowment fund preserve the principal gift, enabling lasting support for future generations.

Establishing an Endowment

Individuals or organizations who give $25,000+ may establish a personalized Endowment Fund in their name (i.e., The Andrew Family Endowment). These customized funds can be tailored to support an individual’s field of interest within the University or created to meet the University’s greatest needs.  An endowment fund is also a fitting way to establish a tribute to loved one.

The goal of CUW’s endowment program is to provide financial aid scholarships to attract a quality and quantity of students that enable us to attain our mission and vision.  Additionally, we seek to establish funding for programs that position CUW as the premier Lutheran institute of higher learning.

For more information about Concordia’s endowment program, contact Rev. Dr. Roy R. Peterson, Vice President of Advancement.

Endowment List

Click here for a full list of our endowments.