Student Government Association

SGA oversees all student organization on campus. It is made up of Resident Senators from each dormitory, Commuter Senators who live off campus, Organization Senators who represent campus organizations, and the Executive Board. SGA receives its funding from the $40 Student Government Program Fee that full time students pay. SGA works with the students, faculty, campus ministry, and the administration to represent the students in all aspects of life at Concordia.

SGA's Constitution

Our Objectives

  • to preserve and protect a student environment that promotes the objectives of Concordia University and its mission as a Lutheran education institution.
  • to preserve and protect the rights of the students of Concordia University.
  • to serve and promote the member organizations under its jurisdiction.
  • to act as a liaison between its member organizations, the student body, the faculty and Faculty Senate, and the University administration.
  • to maintain autonomy as an organization and independence from the University administration and faculty.
  • to maintain its funds and properties for the purpose of serving the interest of its constituents.

What We Do?

One of the most important and evident functions of SGA is funding the 30+ student organizations on campus. Chances are that you belong or will belong to at least one organization that SGA funds. Many of the activities on campus that are sponsored by student groups are funded by the money that comes from your Student Government Program Fee.

SGA also funds campus improvements that help students. Some of these include the Falcon’s Nest, the floor in Albrecht Lounge, couches in the undercroft, new furniture in the Lower HE Commuter Lounge, and many other small items for students.

In addition to spending money, SGA also looks to ensure that students are represented and have a voice on campus. The President of SGA sits on the University Administrative Council and Student Life Council as well as various other boards. Resident Senators work closely with Residence Life and the RAs to make sure that hall needs are being met. Commuter Senators work with the University to make sure that the needs of commuter students are seen and heard.

Get involved!

The easiest way to get involved at Concordia is to join a club or organization. With more than 30, CUW has a club to fit almost anyone's interests and if not, then students can start a new one and become recognized by SGA. If you have an interest in working in the Student Senate, please contact any member of the Executive Board.

2016-2017 Executive Board

President: Colter Dziekan
Vice President: Adam Waggoner
Treasurer: John Toberman
Secretary: Megan Pick
Chief Academic Officer: Tyler Van Strien
Chief Organization Officer: Andrew Zajak
Chief Student Officer: Trey Mitchell

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jeff Walz

Any executive board member can be reached via email at: